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NiCd 14.0V MaxPower Belt

Cool-Lux MaxPower Belts use nickel-cadmium (NiCd) cells that are voltage-matched for every belt. This is called cell balancing.
Cell balancing allows all the cells to charge and discharge at the same rate, preventing premature battery failure. It is an expensive, time consuming quality check, but one that is extremely important. It ensures that every cell performs to optimal performance.

The belt itself is virtually indestructible, and constructed with rugged, lightweight 1,000-denier nylon. Each is precisely cut
and stitched with durable, condensed, heavy-duty thread to assure a smooth, tight surface with the cells firmly encased.


This NiCd 14.4-volt, 7Ah battery belt offers a control box with two 4-pin XLR plugs and an LED power gauge. NC3914 charger included.

Volts          14.4-volt
Power        7Ah
Adapters    4-pin XLR (dual female)
Extras        LED power gauge
Size           35” - 56” waist adjustment
Weight       7.1 lbs.

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NiCd 14.0V MaxPower Belt
  • Volts 14.0-volt
  • Power 7Ah
  • Adapters 4-pin XLR (dual female)
  • Extras LED power gauge
  • Size 35" x 56" waist adjustment
  • Weight 7.1 lbs.

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